At the beginning of this year, a Father of one of our church family was diagnosed with cancer. It was severe and the prognosis was not good. Although we were never able to pray with him directly, we laid hands on his daughter and prayed with her standing 'in proxy.' 

One night on the Alpha course, when we all prayed 'in proxy' that man's daughter was filled with the Holy Spirit to the point that she shot back into her chair. She had a profound time with the Lord as she sought to let go of her fear.

The road was not always easy with fear seeking to rob the daughter of her hope. But she managed to stay strong and trust the Lord.

A number of times over the year we prayed for and commanded the cancer to leave this gentleman. During this process he was also receiving medical treatment.

On Sunday, (23rd November 2014) this gentleman's daughter testified that her Father is now completely cancer free. Doctors have verified that there is no trace of cancer in his body! While medicine is not a second class miracle, in this case, the best of medicine and the prayers of the saints combined to turn around a hopeless situation and rid a wonderful man of a horrific illness.

Glory to God!