At the beginning of this year (2014) we prayed for a lady called Pauline, a member of Cornerstone Church, who was suffering from a compressed spine after an accident. It caused her a lot of pain, especially in the neck and shoulders, and it regularly interfered with her ability to walk, causing her legs to freeze up resulting in tripping up and often falling over and hurting other parts of her body. The treatment prescribed was making no difference and so we released healing into her spine. We prayed for about thirty seconds.

She instantly felt heat  her back and the pain started to subside! Hallelujah!

A few weeks later Pauline testified to feeling a lot better and she was no longer tripping or falling over. She wasn't 100% but she was a lot better. We prayed again and things improved a little more.

Last week, (November 2014) Pauline met with her consultant and the x-ray showed that she still has a compressed spine. The shape of the compression has not changed and she should still be in a lot of pain. But she is totally pain free and her leg movement and walking is 100% normal. Pauline is literally a walking miracle! Her symptoms defy her diagnosis! 

Praise God!