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Cornerstone Church in Leyton is a diverse congregation comprising many different nationalities and people groups. As far as records go, the journey of the Cornerstone began in 1086 when two separate Lord’s of Leyton employed priests in the manor houses. A lot of time went by and eventually a church was opened under the name St. Mary’s Leyton. It was the only Church of England building in Leyton until 1749 when the increase in population led to more centres of worship being opened. It was in 1893 that St. Catherine's Leytonstone first opened it’s doors. This was followed a little while later by St. Mary’s opening a mission hall to serve the Barclay estate. This mission hall became St. Paul's Leyton in 1907. 

Nearly one hundred years later, both churches needed extensive investment to ensure that they continued to be suitable for ministry. The two churches entered discussions and out of this came the vision for a modern, purpose-built church and family centre that would become a spiritual power house and social heart for the area. Plans were drawn up, St. Catherine’s was sold to Elim Church, St. Paul’s and its vicarage were demolished and Cornerstone Church opened its doors in May 1998, on Pentecost Sunday.

Today, Cornerstone Church’s vision is to be a house for His presence which continues to pour out God’s love in our community and show the world that God is good.