At a church service, a three year old boy had a word of knowledge that someone had a bad foot. A nine year old responded that he had a lot of pain in one of his feet as a result of a strange clicking bone. The three year old boy went with his dad to pray for the other boy's foot and he was instantly healed! He tested it by running around the church and jumping up and down. After this he testified that all the pain had gone and that the clicking stopped.

After the service the young boy whose foot had been healed asked if we could pray for his asthmatic condition which had being giving him serious trouble for the past few weeks, to the point that he could not function at times. As we prayed, his chest got really hot. He felt really peaceful and was full of hope. Over the next few months while he was not fully healed, the asthma attacks reduced to less than one a week and they were not nearly as strong so that when he did get an attack, he was able to take it in his stride.