A mother and son came to Cornerstone Church one afternoon looking for help. The mother approached Jim and explained how her 10 year old son had been in pain for some time due to an accident. If he touched his shoulders, ribs or the side of his abdomen he winced in pain. Jim asked him to stand straight to check the alignment of his spine. The boy's shoulders were lopsided with the left being significantly higher than the right.

Jim offered to pray and release healing. Both the mother and the son agreed. Jim very lightly placed a hand on the boy's shoulders and commanded them to realign with their original God given design. He then asked the boy if he still felt any pain. The pain in his shoulders had vanished but the pain on his ribs and at his side was still intense. The alignment of his shoulders was better but still out so they prayed again commanding realignment and the pain to go. After checking, the boy said all the pain had gone from his ribs and now he only had a little pain by his ribs when he touched his side. His shoulder alignment was improved again but still out. They prayed one more time commanding the boy's shoulders to realign. This time his shoulders straightened in front of their eyes and became perfectly aligned. on checking there was no trace of pain in his body. The boy started jumping up and down and doing star jumps and leaping around the room as his mother cried at the miracle that had taken place.