Prayer of Thanks

Almighty God , Heavenly Father. We take this moment to bring this to you.

We give great thanks for everything you have done for us and all the glory and praise. But at this moment above all, we give you great thanks for showing us your unending caring love and for the night shelters that have kept us safe throughout this past winter, we have much to be thankful for God. Thank you for the caring loving  people who give up there time to show your love through their selfless acts. For getting out our beds to sleep in. For cooking food and seeing we eat every evening and morning and don’t go hungery. They could have been warm and comfortable in bed, but they answer your call of duty Father.  Bless each and every one of them.......... Or just be there to be a friend and make us feel welcome, talk to us, share our troubles and pray for us and with us. We, the guests have a debt of gratitude to these people, but you our father deserve the most thanks for showing us your love through these people and their act of love and kindness. In Jesus name we pray Amen.