A friend of mine (let's call him 'W') was, it transpires, unlawfully sectioned under S.2 of the Mental Health Act recently through unfortunate circumstances and sent to a facility near Watford. He was understandably very upset but I told him to go easy as it might be God's will that he'd been sent there and to seek Him for opportunities. There's a call on his life (24 prophecies) to bring finance into the Kingdom, which he already does through property deals. His father had sadly died less than a month before and it is W's vision to build a £5m Alzheimer's unit in his home town in his memory. Meanwhile, there is a young property developer millionaire (let's call him 'J') who had an epileptic episode that resulted in confusion great enough for his family to arrange for him to be temporarily detained under the same Act for his safety and for observation.

W and J ended up in the same unit at the same time. A Christian friend of J's had prophesied over him that he would, 'have a New Life experience whilst in hospital.'. W and I spent time sharing the Gospel with J when I visited and later that evening after I had gone, J gave his life to the Lord; he slept like a baby for the first time in over a decade and has continued to do so since. When he rang his Father - a Christian - to tell him the good news, he apparently dropped the hammer he was holding, such was his stunned surprise. The following day, J was discharged.

In all, W and J had had five days to discuss business and finance and during that time struck a mutual arrangement to both mentor one another and to broker large property deals for the Kingdom. Christian staff had come to W regularly to confirm that they were praying for him and a few days later he too was discharged. Two other things : J's Father lives in the same town as W - and W's existing company is called New Life. God is truly, but truly amazing!

 Submitted by Simon Harris