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Hosting His Presence

Hosting His Presence 6: Negativity Fast/Positivity Feast (Talk not recorded - Click to access notes)


Unfortunately, this talk was not recorded. However, the main content of what was shared can be found in the notes below. We are taking the period of Lent to go on a churchwide fast from negativity. See the related blog posted on 19th February here.

The declarations are most effective when spoken aloud each day. Declarations renew our mind with the truth and help to release the kingdom of heaven on earth. Declarations should be spoken aloud, because, 'Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ,' Romans 10:17. When we declare truth aloud, it has power to change us. There is something about us hearing the truth aloud that shifts the culture of belief within us. Try making these declarations over your life for a month and see how your life and your expectations change.