We love being a part of what God is doing all over the world. Young or old, poor or rich, His heart is for the nations of the earth.



We support:

1. Forest Churches Emergency Night Shelters which is a shelter for the homeless that runs from November through to the end of March in our area. To help a rough sleeper click here.

2. Waltham Forest Youth For Christ who are a charity dedicated to the evangelisation of youth in our area.

3. Christian Kitchen which is an organisation serving hot meals to the homeless and marginalised of our area. 

Cornerstone Church Missionary:

Esther Beckley

Esther is a pioneer and catalyst for change. She is a member of Cornerstone Church and has a heart to see the Church walk in supernatural signs and wonders. Her vision is to transform the nations of Africa through the establishment of different ministries. She is currently setting herself up for this and the future looks very exciting. She trained at the Bethel (Redding) School of Supernatural Ministry for three years and interned for Chris Gore, the director of Bethel’s Healing Rooms. Before she moved into ministry, she served as a law enforcement officer in London for 13 years. See her blog here. 

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We Support:

1. Indian Christian Mission Centre which is an orphanage in Salem, Tamil Nadu, Southern India, caring for orphans that have been rescued from extreme poverty. Dolly Waddell's family run the UK fundraising wing of the charity.

2. My Child which is a ministry that seeks to impact lives in Uganda; one child, one village, one generation at a time. This is achieved through child sponsorship, charity swap shops, micro finance, the provision of educational services and feeding the poor. The Gospel underpins each element of the work. The charity is run by Ruth Kirabo, who previously led Waltham Forest YFC and has a long association with our church family.

3. Dayspring Christian Ministries who are a charity run by Sue Chapman which brings together different projects such as seed loans, water wells, and training for leadership in life, in schools, churches and communities in and around Mukubela, a village in rural Zambia west of Lusaka.

4. Open Doors who are a global charity serving the persecuted church worldwide. They currently have a strong focus on the situation in Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria, as well as a long term focus on North Korea.

5. Stop The Traffik which is an organisation committed to ending the buying and selling of people in all its forms.

In addition to the above, we also support our local community, Women In Tune, Burn 24/7 and various other causes as become apparent during the year.