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Many are desperate for freedom. To be free to be themselves. To live in a clean and clear space and to enjoy the fullness of life Jesus promised.

Join Iain Bradbeer as he, with incredible kindness and masterful insight. teacher and activates us into a life of empowered connection to God.

Iain brings a new understanding of all that has kept people out of close and intimate union with God. His teaching on the operating system of Jesus is a key that is unlocking life for many. It takes people into freedom where they can grasp for themselves what it means to be born again and living an empowered life of peace under the protection of God.

Author of The Operating System of Jesus, Iain travels internationally, teaching and consulting leaders across a wide variety of fields. He is known for his catalytic teaching and precise prophetic ministry.

BIO: Iain and his wife, Clare, have three sons and live in Melbourne, Australia. Iain grew up the son of a Presbyterian minister. He studied architecture and construction management, eventually managing his own practice. Iain went on to study at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry winning the M.Earl Johnson Award and then became a BSSM Revival Group Pastor for four years. Clare studied both family and occupational therapy predominantly working in mental health. Their shared intuition has given them their great ability to shift people from culturally or intellectually inherited disconnection into deep and transformations access to God. You can find out more about Iain and Clare's ministry on their website here.

Date:     Saturday 20th June 2015

Time:     10am - 4pm

Venue:     Cornerstone Church, 149 Canterbury Road, E10 6EH

The event is free but a love offering will be taken during the day.

For further information please call the church office on 020 8558 2121.

To buy the book, 'The Operating System of Jesus,' click on the book cover below.