Summer Bible Reading Plan: Acts


Summer Bible Reading Plan: Acts

This Summer, from Saturday 1st July until Thursday 31st August, we as a church are encouraging everyone to read the book of Acts. Over the summer period we will be holding family services with a focus on characters from the book of Acts. We have divided up the book of Acts into daily readings averaging 12 verses a day. We have purposefully used smaller readings so that everyone can join in no matter how busy. Even if a whole week of readings is missed, catching up will be a matter of 2 or 3 chapters.

During this period, we are encouraging you to share with each other what you got from the readings. you can do this using the app itself by adding your own 'community comments' or you can share when you meet people from church during the week, at life group, or at church itself. You can also make use of the church Facebook profile and have discussion with other members there.

To join in with the reading plan you can follow the readings below, you can pick up the yellow plan at church and check off each reading, you can find the readings in the Cornerstone Weekly, or you can download the Faithlife Study Bible app, sign up to the Acts reading group, and follow along with the app. Instructions on how to do this are below.

Bible Reading Plan

Faithlife Study Bible Instructions


Jul 1 - Acts 1:1–11

Jul 2 - Acts 1:12–26

Jul 3 - Acts 2:1–13

Jul 4 - Acts 2:14–41

Jul 5 - Acts 2:42–47

Jul 6 - Acts 3:1–10

Jul 7 - Acts 3:11–26

Jul 8 - Acts 4:1–22

Jul 9 - Acts 4:23–31

Jul 10 - Acts 4:32–37

Jul 11 - Acts 5:1–11

Jul 12 - Acts 5:12–16

Jul 13 - Acts 5:17–42

Jul 14 - Acts 6:1–15

Jul 15 - Acts 7:1–53

Jul 16 - Acts 7:54–60

Jul 17 - Acts 8:1–8

Jul 18 - Acts 8:9–25

Jul 19 - Acts 8:26–40

Jul 20 - Acts 9:1–19

Jul 21 - Acts 9:19–31

Jul 22 - Acts 9:32–43

Jul 23 - Acts 10:1–8

Jul 24 - Acts 10:9–33

Jul 25 - Acts 10:34–48

Jul 26 - Acts 11:1–18

Jul 27 - Acts 11:19–30

Jul 28 - Acts 12:1–19

Jul 29 - Acts 12:20–25

Jul 30 - Acts 13:1–12

Jul 31 - Acts 13:13–52

Aug 1 - Acts 14:1–18

Aug 2 - Acts 14:19–28

Aug 3 - Acts 15:1–21

Aug 4 - Acts 15:22–41

Aug 5 - Acts 16:1–15

Aug 6 - Acts 16:16–40

Aug 7 - Acts 17:1–21

Aug 8 - Acts 17:22–34

Aug 9 - Acts 18:1–17

Aug 10 - Acts 18:18–28

Aug 11 - Acts 19:1–20

Aug 12 - Acts 19:21–41

Aug 13 - Acts 20:1–16

Aug 14 - Acts 20:17–38

Aug 15 - Acts 21:1–16

Aug 16 - Acts 21:17–26

Aug 17 - Acts 21:27–36

Aug 18 - Acts 21:37–22:21

Aug 19 - Acts 22:22–23:11

Aug 20 - Acts 23:12–22

Aug 21 - Acts 23:23–35

Aug 22 - Acts 24:1–21

Aug 23 - Acts 24:22–27

Aug 24 - Acts 25:1–12

Aug 25 - Acts 25:13–27

Aug 26 - Acts 26:1–11

Aug 27 - Acts 26:12–32

Aug 28 - Acts 27:1–12

Aug 29- Acts 27:13–44

Aug 30 - Acts 28:1–16

Aug 31 - Acts 28:17–31



Thy Kingdom Come Starts Today


Thy Kingdom Come Starts Today

Today is Ascension day in the Church of England calendar, the day we mark Jesus' ascension to heaven after his resurrection from the dead. It marks the beginning of Thy Kingdom Come, the global prayer event. Thy Kingdom Come runs until Pentecost Sunday (4th June) and each day is marked by a call to prayer utilising a specific theme. We will post two items on our website blog each day to help us engage in prayer. The first is a video from a different leader in the global church. The second will contain a daily prayer guide from the World Prayer Centre to help us pray using the themes of Thy Kingdom Come.



This Week's Burn is Cancelled

Due to the arrival of two beautiful girls in the lives of our Burn directors, the East London Burn is postponed until further notice. WE are sorry for this inconvenience and hope to be able to re-open it shortly.


Thy Kingdom Come 2017


Thy Kingdom Come 2017

From Thursday 25th May (Ascension day) until Sunday 4th June (Pentecost) we will be joining with the global wave of prayer, Thy Kingdom Come, an initiative of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. The aim is to pray that people in our City, Country, and around the world, will come to know Jesus as their saviour.

During this time we will be joining forces with both Gateway Community Church and Elim Pentecostal Church (Leyton Churches Together) and holding joint events, individual events, and a combined 24/7 prayer rota from Sunday 28th May until Sunday 4th June (sign up here) with the aim of ensuring every single hour is covered in prayer by someone from our three churches. We are also hoping to open our prayer room from 9am-4pm during the week. 

The week of prayer will begin on Sunday 28th May with a 'Leyton Churches Together Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Launch' at Elim church at 6.30pm. It will end one week later with a 'Leyton Churches Together Thy Kingdom Come Celebration,' again at Elim, at 6.30pm.

See some of the videos below to get inspiration. 

Do you want to #Pledge2Pray? You can do so on the Thy Kingdom Come website where there is also plenty of further information.

Need help to pray? Great ideas can be found here.

Further videos can be found on the Thy Kingdom Come Vimeo Channel here.


Citizens UK Listening Training


Citizens UK Listening Training

As a Parish, we’re excited to be offering free training with Citizens UK on Wednesday, 3rd May, from 7-9.15 pm at St Mary’s RC Primary School in Chingford. 

At the Listening Training, we’ll learn more about key aspects of Community Organising, including how to have short and effective relational meetings (one-to-one conversations), how to host house meetings and more. As part of strengthening our alliance in Waltham Forest, we’re hoping to have hundreds of conversations with our neighbours in 2017 about what matters most to them and what they are concerned about; from these conversations, we will then build a manifesto to present to politicians before the 2018 local elections. Do join us on 3rd May – we’d love to have you!


Thanksgiving Service For The Night Shelters


Thanksgiving Service For The Night Shelters

Come and join us for this service where we give thanks to God for the Forest Churches Emergency Night Shelters which were hosted by a number of local churches and ministries from the beginning of November 2016 through to the end of March 2017.

There will be a little worship, plenty of testimony, a short thought to help us process the last few months, and an opportunity to thank one or two individuals.

The service will be followed by refreshments.

When & Where: Sunday 9th April 7.00pm at Cornerstone Church.


Good Friday


Good Friday

On Good Friday we are holding two events this year as we join together with both Gateway and Elim churches. at 10am there will be a family service at Elim Pentecostal Church. This will be a one hour service for all the family.

We will then walk the large cross from Elim church down to the Baker's Arms where we will share our faith, give public testimony and scripture reading, worship, offer healing, connect with people, give out good bags and drinks, and be present as the light of Jesus in our community.

The service is at 10am.

We aim to leave Elim at 11.30am to be at the Baker's Arms by 11.50am.

Everyone is welcome to as much or as little as you are able to manage.





Come and join us on the amazing Alpha course as we take a fresh approach to the course using the superb Alpha Film Series, filmed all around the world in the style of a high calibre travel show, with stories, interviews, stunning cinematography, engaging presenters and more.

Alpha is for anyone who's curious. The films are designed to encourage conversation and explore the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.

Our next course starts on Thursday May 4th and will run from 7.00pm for the following 10 weeks. There will also be a day session from 10am to 4.30pm on Saturday 17th June.

Cornerstone and Gateway churches are thrilled to invite you to join us o this exciting course. It is totally free.


Easter Services & Events


Easter Services & Events

Sunday 9th April 10.30am - Palm Sunday Family Service
Sunday 9th April 7.00pm - Night Shelter Thanksgiving Service
Thursday 13th April 8.00pm - Maunday Thursday Communion
Friday 14th April 10.00am - Churches Together Service @ Elim Church
Friday 14th April 11.00am - Good Friday Outreach @ Bakers Arms
Sunday 16th April 10.30am - Easter Day Baptism Celebration with Egg Hunt


Annual Meeting & Bring and Share Lunch


Annual Meeting & Bring and Share Lunch

We will be holding our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) this on Sunday 2nd April during our morning service. It will be an opportunity to give thanks for what God has done over the last year and to look forward to what he will do in the future. Come and celebrate with us.

The APCM will be followed by a bring and share lunch to which all are welcome.