Words have power. Over 50 years ago the following words were uttered, "I have a dream!" Even though these words were spoken half a century ago, today they are still remembered. While there are undoubtedly some who would attribute these words to Joseph, of technicolour dream coat fame, and maybe others who would reference them to a song by Abba, the majority of people would associate them with the civil rights March on Washington in 1963 when Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his momentous speech. "I have a dream," a simple phrase of only four words, but one which contains far more meaning and depth than its four simple words suggest.


A few simple words can incite revolution and shape centuries. "We shall never surrender," "We choose to go to the moon," "I am prepared to die!" All words spoken by world leaders, words that infused hope, brought courage, and that ultimately brought about change for the better.


Words have power. But there is no phrase in documented history that has been as revolutionary, as dangerous, as offensive, as subversive and yet as civilization forming as the phrase, 'Jesus Christ is Lord!'  What reaction do they cause in you?


On the outset, they might not seem powerful in today's world. However, I know people who have had to flee their country because they believe these words to be true. Not only would their government execute them, but they would be murdered by their own families. In a free state like the UK, the words, "Jesus Christ is Lord" might upset a few people because they find them offensive, but in some parts or the world they will bring about death. This is because if Jesus Christ is Lord, then no-one else is. All authority belongs to him; he alone has the supremacy.


As we head towards Christmas, we would do well to ask the question that Jesus put to his disciple Peter, "Who do you say I am?" Because, if, as he claims himself, Jesus Christ is Lord, then no-one else is. And this has huge implications for all people.  They have huge implications for us as believers also. To what extent do we believe that 'Jesus Christ is Lord!' - are we willing to die to protect this truth? Do we realise the power that is unleashed as these words are spoken by a believer? To what situations in your life do you need to declare these words today? Words have power. Particularly these words. Let's declare them, proclaim them, believe them, and live them.